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 A Dialogue in the Dark

Leone looked at Khushi and she dared him "Kya hain?"

"...ehem....Khushi do you want me to finish off that report!" He asked edgily!

"Nai" She snorted and swiveled her chair far from him!

"Are you alrght?" He asked
"Kyun? Ambulance bulaogay?" She asked him making him smart and say "Whoa! That bad is it?"

She took a deep breath and said," I am sorry yaar! Its just..."

"Thats alright! I understand" He said patting her on her arm!
No you dont! Teen din huve hain! Aur...hum abhi bhi aisay hi hain! Khushi thought!

It was three days since she walked out of the hotel from Abhinav and she switched off her mobile... correction his mobile in a fit of rage!Now she did not have any clue about whats happening and where she stood and whether she was on with him or whether she was off with him! All she knew was... She felt odd!!! Very odd!

A Dialogue in the Dark

"Kutch patah chala?" Nani asked Anjali who came out sweating!
( Did you get to find out?)
"Nahi Nani! Kutch bhi nahi bol raha hain!Woh tho shukar hain Aman ji ka jo aaj phone karkay humay bathaya unhonay ki chotey ajeeb tarah say pesh aarahey hain sab say!"
( No Nani! Nothing! Thanks to AMan ji who gave me a buzz saying chotey is acting weird)

"Haan! Per kutch tho hain bitiya! Nahi tho aisan teen din say bus ghussathey hi jaarahein hain har kisi per!" Nani said worriedly!
( Something surely is the matter! He is sort of off for the past three days!)

"Hum dekhthey hain nani aap chintha math keejiye!" Anjali assured Nani!
( I shall look into it! Just don't worry)
Nani looked at Anjali worriedly saying," My tho kehthi hun iski shaadi ho jaaye tho baccha sawarjaaye!"
( I feel that if he gets married he will mellow down)

A Dialogue in the Dark

Damnit! she just chucked him out of her life! Swatted him off like a fly! Arnav singh Raizada spurned by a woman! Oh god!!!! Arnav could not digest it!

Should he call her and give her a piece of his mind? But why should he call her? He gave her a mobile and she did not even have the courteousy to return it! HA!!!!

He threw a paper weight off his desk and it went crashing on the floor as the staff outside his room went suddenly quiet dreading their boss's mood which had been only deteriorationg by the hour for the past three days!

What did he do!Was ita  crime? He just kissed her and it was acceptable now a days! And that ^%&$# was actually doing worse when he bailed her out in their first encounter! Arnav's hackles rose! And how dared she... of all the... middle class mentality!

And as the thought came, came the reason! 
That was the issue! She was from a different circle, different lifestyle! Preetam was unacceptable to her coz of the same and he went and did the same! Oh no! How can he be so dumb! He looked at the ceiling!

A Dialogue in the Dark

Khushi bandh padi mobile ko dekhnay say kutch nahi hotha hain! Khushi told herself for the umpteenth time but still fished out the mobile he gave and looked at the dead instrument!
( nothing happens when you stare at a mobile thats dead)

What should she do now!
What did she expect! Who asked her to go head long into a faceless relationship that spelt doom from the very beginning!

Zara soch Khushi! He was reasonable from the beginning and you accepted to be in a relationship with him! How could you think that it won't involve physical expression! She caught her head and closed her mouth with her palm as it dawned on to her that she inadvertantly had actuallyy triggered all of it on her own! He was very clear about what he wanted! It was she who was not sure of what the relationship entailed!
Hey Devi Mayya yeh kab aisa sauda bangaya patha hi nahi chala! How quickly he had weened her away from a  possible relationship to a deal where he clearly spelt out the conditions of the deal and she actually almost accepted! And there was no emotion in it!
Nahi per aisa kyun lagtha hain ki he has something for me! 
She tightened her palm on her mouth and wretched and Leone looked at her and asked her concernedly," Khushi you alright? Do you want me to escort you to the washroom?"

"NNNNN ... nai!" She said getting up and fidgeting with her dupatta!Pressing her Kurtha on to her tummy in a gesture of self defense.
Leone looked at her a tad sympathetically!He then said," Sometimes its better to think forward than backwards you know!"

"Ji! Sahi kaha aapnay" She said!

He was right! She was an idiot to accept such a stupid proposal and this man was absolutely...e.r..... she could not quiet find a word! He looked cut throat but felt warm! He acted cold but was smoking hot! He was nonchallant but was very caring! Hey Devi Mayya!!... she again closed her mouth and tears rolled down her cheeks!
A white hanky waved infront of her eyes! It was leone! she accepted graciously and sneezed into it!
"Your people know?"He asked in hushed voice!
"Nahi!" She sniffed!
How perceptive and sweet of him!
"Maa ko patha chala tho koot kay kachori banaayegi!" She said!

"Its ok you know! Part of growing up!" He said smiling...awkwardly... " learn from our mistakes Khushi!"
Sometimes we become one ourself!

"Yeah... IT was a mistake!" She said...
She actually accepted a relationship with a stranger whom she had never known nor seen!
"Per yeh hum bahar kaisay niklengay!"She spoke her thoughts out aloud!
( But how will I get out of this situation?)

"Two ways ... not that you don't know but just to... you know.... for support"... Leone cleared his throat and said..." either you go ahead with it and stand up for yourself!...or you take a decision and well even then stand up for yourself"... he winked at her!

Khushi was lost in her world which was now very very foggy!
"Aagey kaisay jaayein?" She said aimlessly!
Yahaan batthi pehlay say gul hain! Andheray ki kahani aur woh bhi pehlay say hi!!

"Well! It takes courage I ... ehem... well you are a brave girl at that!" Leone was all big brotherly!
"Humay peechey hatna hain!"She made her decision!
( I want to call it off)
Leone raised his eyebrow and widened his eyes and asked "Are you sure?"

She looked at him and said," Aagay kutch nahi andheray kay siva!"
( There is nothing further othaer than darkness)
Leone smiled and said "Aisa nahi... you will have  alot of precious moments believe me!" His hand pressed over hers warmly!

"Nai Leone ji! You don't know! There is only darkness! Aur phir kya bolein...humnay unhay dekha bhi nahi!" Khushi said blinking back her tears!
Leone got up exclaiming loudly," WHHHHHHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTT?????"

"You didn'" And then he looked around as half of the floor was staring at them and so he sat down apolegitically raising his hand to the other staff members!
"You didn't even see him?" He hissed!

"Nai!Abhi taq nahi ab kya faayda!" Khushi lamented!
( Not till now and what good is that now!)
Sab satyanash honay kay baad ab kya faayda!

Khushi felt really stupid! 
Why did she not think about all this when she went barging into a relationship with him!That too for six months! How silly of her! She sniffed and wretched!

"Whoa hold on...."He simply looked at her from head to toe and asked "How many er weeks or is it... months?"
"Six!" She sniffed and broke down! How could she agree to be someone's girl for six months it was so demeaning she wretched!

"Holy...#$%^^!!!!" Leone bellowed and again the rest of the staff looked at their work station!He apologised and said," How could you Khushi? So dumb huh? Not even seen him? I never thought you were such kind of a girl... I know!" 
This was difficult for him as he liked Khushi very much! She was a nice girl although not to his tatste! His tastes were different! He looked at the new cashier who joined recently on his reference and smiled at him! His partner and Sweetheart-Paulo!Paulo waved back at him with his eyes full of love!

Khushi wretched again! 
Aansun hain ya government borewell say tapaktha paani... leakage ruktha hi nahi!

"Ek baar bhi nahi?" He asked hopefully!
She shook her head and said "Kabhi roshni mein milay hi nahi! Bus andheray mein hee... hamesha!"

"Jesus! Holy Jesus! Khushi you are an idiot!" He cried out and this time Paulo looked at him suspiciously!

"Accha forget it! Abhi you can't go back!" Leone decided for her!
"Kyun? Hum nahi chaahthey hum aagay badhey" She suddenly went very rigid!
( Why not! I don't want to take it forward)

Leone looked at her sympathetically and said," Don't you think its too late for that!"
She stared at him with her eyes wide and full of tears.
Leone put his arm round her affectionately and said," Listen sweetheart... whatever it is... this man is not a good influence on you! Just get rid off him first!"
And give me his address and mobile number pronto!

"K...kaisay!" Khushi asked him!
"Simple call him tell him you are done with him."
"That easy?" She asked him wide eyed!
"Very easy" He said with conviction!
Believe me!Easy to finish than to start!

Khushi looked at her mobile again and said... "ok" switching it on!
And get rid off this phone too!

A Dialogue in the Dark!

The loud pinging of his phone brought him out from his thoughts as Arnav stared at his mobile and immediately jumped on it checking the message as it was from the mobile he gave to Krishna! Was she having some second thoughts? May be she was pinging to apologise!

Arnav's kiss is addictive ha!!!!

He smiled smugly opening the inbox and what he read made his blood boil!
It read "Now ########## is  switched on and is available to accept your calls and messages"
He pushed his swivel chair back against the glass wall looked up and let out a roar and Aman Mathur froze outside the cabin! 
His boss was turning into a warewolf!!!!

A Dialogue in the Dark!

"Hum... yeh nahi kar sakthey hain!" Khushi developed cold feet!
"You can! You should! Else you won't have any self respect left in you!"Leone said.

She nodded! 
He was right! Atleast she should call it off and return his mobile! Snobbish son of a #$%@^!
Wait till she returns it to him!
She said the same aloud!" Wait till I return his gift to him and wash my hands off!"

"No no! Good lord! Ownership rights and all that will drag you into problems yaar..especially if that guy is monied!!! And don't you want to have rights?" Leone was really surprised at her attitude!
She looked so homely and simple! But these days you never know!

"Humay nahi chaahiye!" Khsuhi looked at the cell phone as if it were a worm!
"Oh my poor baby!" Leone saw her looking at her tummy weirdly and hugged her saying,"... initially you go through a lot of emotional ups and downs- harmoes and all you know! But later on you will regret! Believe me yaar!"

"Koi nahi! Leone! Humay unki koi bhi cheez nahi chaahiye!! Khushi said making him flinch!
Oh its very very bad he thought!

" its an... ohho how do I tell you! Its just not a toy you know!" He tried to reason!
"Haan jaanthey hain! Convergence technology nay sab mumkin kar rakha hain lekin humay aur bhi badhiya chaahiye! Yeh feature theek hain lekin hum kutch kum nahi hain! Hum issay bhi badhiya laayengay aap dekhthey rehna" She challenged openly!
Good Lord! She must be badly hurt! It was a baby! How could she talk so very insensitively!

"Usmay tumhaara khoon hain Khushi" He said seriously!
Khsuhi looked at the mobile and then at him and asked wide eyed.." Khoon? Kaisa khoon! Haan... agar bolna hain tho yeh kahona ki kisi ka paseena hain iss may!"
( Blood? If you have to say something then its someoen's sweat in  it!)
Leone was stumped for a six by her glib answer!

"How can you say like that Khushi?" He just shook his head and there was  a red tide across his cheeks!
"Arey aap kyun sharmathey hain!Jissnay kiya haina woh tho bada besharm bankay baitha hain! Patha hain ek phone nahi kartha hain!" Khushi said angrily!
( Why are you feeling ashamed! The man who is supposed to be ashamed of himselves is just sitting tight without calling me even once)

"Ek baar bhi nahi? "( not even once?)Leone now was sympathetic! No wonder she felt so negative about the baby!
"Adha bhi nahi!" She said sniffing!

"How can he be so..." Leone shook his head!
"Wahee tho!"She seconded his feelings about Abhinav!

"But you must sort it out dear!" Leone was adamant!
Khushi developed cold feet! "Hum abhi aathey hain" ( Be right back) She walked towards the toilets!

A dialogue in the Dark

Arnav looked at the automated message and spewed fire! How dared she switched it off all these days and worse still! After getting rid off him! How dared she switched it on thinking that she could simply use it!
He called her! None picked up! It rang and rang!
He tried again! No answer!

He became impatient and kept ringing her! No response!

He then texted," pick up the bloody phone! You owe me atleast that much!"

A Dialogue in the Dark

Leone did not know what to do!
Khushi had just gone to the washroom and this man started ringing her! He did not pick the call! There was something called as privacy how much ever she shared her predicament with him!

But when his text flashed on the mobile, he just lost his cool and the next time it rand he made up his mind and took the call!

A Dialogue in the Dark!

Pick the phone damnit! Arnav called this time after a pause of a full minute!

"Hello" A male voice took the call!

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A Dialogue in the Dark


"Ok! Per shuru say boliye na!" Khushi wailed.
Bolo tho jaanein!
( Please start at the beginning!
Lets see whats in you!)

"Yeh shuru say hee hain Krishna!" Arnav said.

Lets start at the very beginning!
( This is the beginning Krishna)

"Magar Shuruwaath aisay nahi hotha hain!" Khushi frowned!

Sriganesh say hotha hain!

( But the beginning os not done like this!
It should be with a bang!)

"Phir?" ( Then) He asked her!

Tell you what!Let me end it baby! This place is perfect for it!

"Phir kya?... sahi tareeqay say boliye na?" She chided him!

Kutch bhi ho chalega!
( Then what? Try beginning it properly!
Anything is acceptible)

"Kaisay?" ( How?) He asked again!

I know many tareeqas( Techniques)!!... want to know?

"Jaisay Ram pur ka Raja Ram Singh!" Khushi supplied!

Rampur ki....tho.... Jaisay Mumbai ka Raja Arnav singh!!
( Something like The king of Rampur Ram singh!
To hell with Rampur! Its the king of Mumbai arnav Singh!)

"Yuk!" Arnav snorted!
Whats all this nonsense! Lets do some sensible things babe!

"Accha ! Aap ko bolna aatha nahi humay aap aisay kehthey hain?" Khushi demanded!
Ulta chor chorni ko dante?
( You don't know how to narrate a story and you are finding fault with me?)

"Thats rotten Krishna! RAm pur and bull crap!!!" He complained
And stinking!

"Phir?" Khushi asked this time!

"Accha theek hain! Mumbai ka ek raja..." Arnav started yet again!
( Ok! The king of Mumbai...)

"Ramanchi!"( Cheating!) Khushi shouted in the dark room!

"Mumbai ka raja nahi hotha hain!" Khushi objected!
Don hotha hain!
( Mumbai does not have a reigning royal!
It has a Don!)

"Ohho thodi der kay liye! Can't you adjust idiot?"Arnav asked her irritatedly!
I want to take you places!

"Nahi! Kahaani pakki honi chaahiye!" Khushi said firmly!

Aur dil saccha!
( The story must be right! 
And the heart pure( righteous)) 

"Ok! Ek raja tha!" Arnav said with clenched teeth!

Rani thi and they $#%^&ed up their lives and kids suffered!
( There was a king!
There was his queen! They messed up their lives and the kids suffered)

"Haanji!"Khushi said!

Ek hi tha? Phir kahani kaisay aagay badhegi?
( Yeah!
Only one character in the story, then how will the story move forward!

"Tho... usko heart attack hogaya!" Arnav said again!

Woh marnay waala tha #$%^#@!
( He had a heart attack!
He was about to die!)

Arnav waited for her to react! She didn't!

"Phir...usnay socha ki ithnaa sara rajpaat kisliye..."He paused.
( Then he thought what is all this property and kingdom for?)

There was no answer!

"Krishna?" He called out and then louder...

"Ji?" Her voice sounded hollow!

"Tum agar haan nahi bologi tho mujhey patha nahi chalega ki tum ho ya sogayi ho!"He complained.

Ludak na jaavo kahin meri kahaani sunkay!

( If you won't say anything, I won't know whether you are there are whether you have dozed off!
...Better still passed out listening to this story)

"Yeh kahaani hain??? Aur is kay liye hum haan bolein?"Khushi yelled at him! None did that! Nobody yelled at ASR!
( Is this such a great story that I have to even respond?)

"aur sona bhi hain yeh sunkay?" She asked him!
( You think I will go to sleep listening to such a story?)
Kahin ludak na jaaye hum! HA!!!!
(I might pass out...but)

Arnav got wild!

"Kyun? Whats wrong with this one?" He enquired.

"Sabkutch!" ( Everything)Khushi said.

Saara kutch!

"Why should I tell a story which appeals to you?" Arnav demanded!
Bloody hell its what its all about!

"Kahaani sunaaya jaatha hain!" Khushi declared!
Baap ki jaagir hain?
( A story is narrated[for other's sake]
Its no more your property)

"Awe! so please can you specify the size and measurement of characters ma'am! So that I can cook up a story for you!" Arnav said very sarcastically!

Queen of idiots!

"Bilkul! Hero Amitabhbachan! Heroine Hema Malini aur Villain..." Khushi paused thinking...


"Villain.... er..... koi nahi!" She concluded!

( no villain)

What the hell is all this!Why do you want me to tell a story Krishna!

Lets make one here and now! You me and BANG!!!!!

"Arey uska kaaran hain!" Khushi said.
Har cheez ka hotha hain!

( There is a reason to it!
Everything has a reason!)

"What?Oh God! Ok! What do you get out of this?" He enquired!
To hell with that!

"Jis aadmi ko kahaani sunaani nahi aathi woh shaadi kay laayak nahi hain!" There she said it!

Woh naa layak kehlatha hain!
( That man who cannot narrate a story properly. is unfit for marriage!

He is useless!)

"Come again!" He rose from his seat and stood before her and she could feel his warmth seeping into her body!

"What did you say?" Arnav growled holding her by her shoulders!

Let me show... How to make a story!

"Kahani bolnay say ya papad belnay say koi shaadi kay laayak nahi bantha hain!"Arnav yelled at her!

( None becomes eligible for a marriage by any ofthese stupid reasons)

"Hain!"( He does!) Khushi yelled back at him! 

"Jismay imagination na ho! Kum say kum khayaalon mein warmth aur apnaapan na ho woh kisee bhi cheez kay liye laayak nahi hain!" She said...
( That man who lacks imagination and does not have warmth even atleast in his thoughts is not eligible to get married)

"Jo aadmi ek acchi si bath nahi bol saktha ahin tho socho woh kaisay din bhar apni patni say bath karega?

Jis aadmi ko ek acchi suhaavni soch na aathi ho woh bacchonko pyar kaisay baanteyga?
Kahani isliye bathaanay kay liye pooch rahey they taaqi hum dekhna chaahthey they aap kaisi soch rakhthey hain!"

(That man who cannot say one word that is soothing,... Just imagine how he can amange his wife the whole day?
That man who cannot have harmony in his thoughts, how can he love the kids?
I asked you to narrate a story just to see what kind of thought process you sport!)

"See what you tried to convey... anger disdain and only pain! There was nothing pleasant about your stories! Is this what you spread?This shows you had a very painful childhood so much so that you have nothing to give or share but pain and hatred!" Khushi suddenly lashed out at him in English!

"Accha? What should I say about people like you who spread lies and false hope in the name of a fairy tales? Where the Prince is all goodness personified! Why was yours not so? Preetam kaisa tha? Prince aur frog mein frog hain woh kameena saaala *&^$$# kaheenka! Usay my nay aaj aisa mazaa chakhaaya!" Arnav just stopped realising what he just said!

There was silence in the room!

She then slowly asked," Kya kiya aapnay us ka?"
( What did you do to him?)

"Kyun? Jaan kay kya karogi? 
Jaakay patti karogi uski? He shook her!
( What will you do knowing that!
Will you go and do first aid?)

"Hum jo bhi karien ap say mathlab?" 

( Whatever I do! Whats it to you?)
Khushi was not only enraged but also scared as it involved families hers and Paayal jiji's in-laws!

"Then you too don't need to know what I did with him!" He spat back!

Khushi sucked in her breath in fright and said holding the lapels of his shirt!
"Kya kiya aapnay?"
( What did you do?)

He simply kept mum!

"Abhinav ji hum aap say pooch rahey hain!" She tried to see him even in the darkness but failed to!

( I am asking you Abhinav ji)

"I just did something that will make him run ten miles everytime he even thinks about you!" He said in such a voice full of disdain and cruelty that Khushi trembled thinking how she could think the man was good natured at all in the first place!

She simply said... "Aisa kya kiya aapnay?"

( Whatever did you do to him!)
"If you think I will share such things with you then you are wrong!You heard my stories! Now! You know what kind of a man I am!" He said self derisively! 

Khushi took a deep breath and siad calmly! 

"Aap ki galthi nahi! Galthi aap ki parvarish mein hain!"
( Not your fault! There is something wrong in your upbringing)

Arnav was taken aback! Then rage coursed through him! 

What did she know about his background!

"Accha? Tum jaanthi ho?" He asked her derisively!

( Do you know?)

"Haan! Hum jaanthey hain! Aap ko dekh kay hi lagtha hain ki...." She paused stopping herself from saying further! What was she saying! He actually saved her many times! Hey Devi Mayya!

"Kyun rok diya? Bolo! 
Dekh kay!!!! 
He sneered at her! 

"You haven't seen me at all lady! Want to see me! I am ugly! You know that! Uglier than you can imagine! Now do you want to see me? Judge me? All the time you talk of good... sweetness and crap! There is nothing like that in the world! Samjhi tum! Frog prince aur #$%^^ Prince koi nahi hotha hain! Sab jhoot hain!" Arnav yelled at her!

"Nahin! Aap aisa kyun...." Khushi's voice came feeble and shallow! She was hurting thinking of what she was doing in a hotel room darkened that too and with a stranger who was being nasty with her! Suddenly it all seemed so ridiculous!

"Sab humaari hi galthi hain ki hum...hum aap pay bharosa karkay yahan aisay..she broke down making Arnav's blood boil!
( Its my fault! I shouldn't have believed you and see where Ia m and in what condition...)

"OHHH!!! ^%%&&#*(!" 

Arnav just swooped down and kissed her then! He did not test or try! He just took her breath off her lungs by holding her lips captive in his and barged into the recess of her hot mouth to hunt and punish her tongue rolling her upper lip back in the process! 
Khushi was shocked at his sudeen assault on her senses and she struggled for sanity! But she felt that tug which she never felt when Preetam touched her!
Arnav's lips were brusing her and sucking away her breath but she did not find him repulsive! He tasted of coffee and his lips and their touch was making her body tingle and break into goose pimples!
Sanity prevailed as her upbringing would not allow her to kiss anyone casually but she was actuyally allowing him to take liberties with her which she would not even dream of giving anyone! 
Hey devi Mayya! 
With that thought came sanity and as it prevailed she started struggling in earnest trying to push him away!

Arnav was lost in her! What started as a punishment .... now was an assault on his own senses as he melted into her mouth and her sweet mouth which was hot and held many promises was making him loose his head! 

Khsuhi gave him one big shove and something crashed as he realised she had knocked off something from a side table and he saw her form running to teh door hit something in the process moan and then the door opened partially and the sudden bright light seeping into the room from the dazzling passage outside blindened him for a moment as the door clicked shut!

He ran to the door and tried opening it and thats when he realised she had the key with her as they decided the room would be their meeting place! He was locked from inside and he ran to the table fished out the intercom and called down stairs!
Yes they saw a lady running down the stairs!
No tehy can't stop her coz she was gone in a taxy.
yes they have a spare key which he would get in a minute and the room can be unlocked!

He just kept teh phone down and closed his eyes!

What had he done!!!!!

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 A Dialogue in the dark-9/3

Khushi waited for Preetam at the Small chineese Restaurant! He was late as usual and she was scared! 

Amma had asked her not to meet him and she defied her just because of this man-Abhinav! 

He wanted her to cut her ties with Preetam before anything else! 
Something which she agreed to fully in principle but was  a little apprehensive about meeting him like this without Amma knowing about it!

She was supposed to meet him and Abhinavji was supposed to come and but how? Coz they had an agreement they won't see eachother for the next five months three weeks... the meter had already begun for her!

As he approached her, Khushi cleared her throat and said," Aayiye"
( Please come)

"Kyun? Ab hosh thikaanay aaye! 
Second hand cheez ko koi bahi hath lagatha hain! Ek baar engagement hui ladki ko koi nahi apnaatha hain!" 
Preetam sneered at her!
( Now you know!None likes to own up second hand items!A girl gets engaged once, then none wants her!)

" ki bath karien?" Khushi asked.
Tho kis liye hain?Aur ...True value?

"Jaldi kya hain jaanay mann? Kutch khaatey hain!" Preetam said!
(Whats the hurry dear! Lets eat something!)

Khushi remembered what Abhinav had instructed her...the previous day!

"Usay bulao!" He had said
Just call him babe!

"Kahaan?"( where to?) She had asked typically!

Aap kahein tho aapkay ghar bhejein parcel karkay?
( Where?....
Should I send him wrapped in a parcel to your place?)

"Arey yaar kahi tho bhi!" Arnav sneered at her!

They are going to meet damnit!And we have never met yet!
( Wherever...)

"Aur?"( and?) Khushi asked him!
"And just get rid off him!" He ordered!

What do you want to do woman? carroms with him!Share an ice cream??? Oh God!

"Aisay hi?"( just like that?) She asked him!

Ek good bye gift tho bantha hain!Ek Mukka!
( He needs to be whacked once as a good bye gift)

"What do you mean Aisay hi krishna" He yelled at her!

Aisi ki taisi!

" mathlab hain ithni aasani say thodina jaayega!" She tried to explain!
( I meant... he would never go so easily)
Ziddi daag ko surf sey hi hataaya jatha hain! 

"Arey! Kyun nahi jaayega? Baap ka raj hain kya?"Arnav bellowed at her!
( Why won't he go? Is it at his will?)

Lekin Bapuji ka bhi tho nahin haina?

"Theek hain! Hotel mein bulathey hain aur...!Khushi was still talking when he interweened!
( Ok! I shall invite him to a hotel and..)

Barthan dhulwaayein?

"Koi zaroorath nahi! Just call him on to some place and say good bye!"

Just a bye no need even for a good one!

"Phir?"Khushi enquired!

" What phir man! Just call him text me and I shall handle! Ok?" Arnav asked finally!

" Nahi! Humaara kaam hum khud karengay!"Khushi was firm in her reply!

Uska kaam tamaam kareingay!
( I can deal with him myself)

"Yeah! I have seen it!"Arnav mocked her!

Very well babe!

"Aapko yakeen nahi hain?"( don't you trust me?) Khushi asked him!

Humay bhi nahi! woh chaparh kanju ka!

Its not that! that fellow is like that Krishna"He said calculatedly!

"So just let me know where you are meeting and then go to my hotel and wait there!" He said.

"Kya????"Khushi was scndalised!"Aapkay hotel mein?"

"Yeah!"Arnav said coolly!
Where else babe?

"Room mein?"Khushi asked incredulously!

Badaa mazaa aayega jab mil baithengay teen... hum aap aur hotel room!

"Yeah! whats in that?" Arnav asked checking his papers!

There's lots to it! You will see!

"HAAAAAAW!!!! Room mein? Dekhiye....hum...aisi ladki nahi hain!" Khushi hissed at him!

Hum woh hain jo ek aur ek gyaarah banadein!

"Excuse me? My bhi kam nahi hun!" Arnav barked at her!

Bahuth hi zyaada hun!

"Kisiney humay dekh liya tho?" Khushi blurted out!

(What if someone sees me in a hotel?)
Soong kay pehchaan lethi hain humaari bina maasi!

"Krishna! Hum donon nay jab ek doosray ko nahi dekha hain, tho teesra kya dekhay ga?

( When we have not seen each other, what will a third party see...[ There won't be anything for them to see]
... aur agar dekhey ga bhi tho kya samjhey ga?" He asked chuckling!
( And even if they do... what would they get out of it?)

"Haan! Bath tho sahi hain!"Khushi said!

( Yeah! Thats right!)
Galath! Hum phans gayee tho kiso ko kya muh dikhaayengay!

"Tho just do it!"Arnav said!


" mein kya kariengay?" Khushi asked tightly shutting her eyes!

Chausar khelengay andheray mein florescent kaudiyonkay sath! 
( What do we do in the room!

"What??? You are asking god!" Arnav was laughing now and got stared at Aman who walked in a while before with some papers and was finding him odd...

"Haan! Mathlab... Abhinavji..." She drawled!

"Haan ji..." He too drawled aping her!
Aman excused himself as he developed hiccups! 
Boss was acting very funny!

" Aap waisa tho nahi kariengay na?" There she asked him!

Waisa keejiye jaisa karna chahiye per aisa nahi jaisa hotha hain!

" What do you take me for Krishna?Main koi aisa waisa nahin hun!"Arnav asked her softly!

Main bilkul waisa hi karunga jaisa hona chahiye!

"Accha baba theek hain!" Khushi had said but when she called Preetam, he insisited on meeting in a sleezy restaurant! So much so that she wore a dark scarf round her face, not to be seen in such a place!

"Tho bolo kaisay yaad kiya?" Preetam asked!
( How did you remember me?)
Yaad nahi kiya! Yaad karwaayee gayi!

"Bus Humay yeh kehna tha ki ab aap ka humaara koi ristha nahi" She said!
( Just wanted to tell you... that its over between us)

"Aisay kaisay nahi?" He demanded!
IPL match hain kya?

"Bus! Humay yaheen kehna tha aur hum jaa rahey hain!" She said getting up!

( Just wanted to tell you this! I am leaving)

"Itni jaldi kya hain jaan" He made to catch her hand but could not as  another hand held him saying " One more time you try to even touch her buddy you are gone!"

It was very dark inside and the man was with his back to him and Khushi could not make out who it was but from his voice she could recognise him anywhere! It was HIM!

She breathed hard!

"Krishna tum whaee humaarey puraaney jagah pay mera intezaar karo" He said without even turning and when she protested said," I said go!"
( Meet me at that old meeting place!)
Yes boss Mona aur Sona ko bhi sath lejaayein? 

She made a face and went to the hotel and room 1504.

A Dialogue in the Dark

Khushi searched for the room and found it and inserted the key and went in! The room was dark! She wanted to insert the key into the latch so that the whole room would be illuminated but she had given him her word that she would not see him before six months and so be it! She just sat in the couch and waited for him taking solace from the streak of light  that seeped through the curtains!
The door opened and a man walked in closing the door and he said "Krishna?"

She stood up saying... "Aap nay usay kutch..."
"I didn't do anything but well... he deserves something to be done to him actually! He swore and asked," Andheray mein kyun baithi ho?"
(Why are you sitting in darkness?)

"Kyun ki humnay waada kiya tha aapsay!" She quipped!
( coz I promised you)

Arnav froze! 

Oh so she is going to take it seriously and how will he see her then?

"Tum chaaho tho we can alter our deal!" He said slowly!

Dekhnay kay alaava sab kutch ho saktha hain Krishna!

"Nahi! Humay manzoor hain!" Khushi said!
( Yeah! I agree)

Somehow after Preetam she liked it this way! She got freedom to exchange her views and know more about him!
Hum thayyar hain!

"Ok!" He said resignedly and said "Coffee?"

Black and with sugar like me and you babe!

"Ji hum chai peethey hain!" She said!
( I drink tea)
Asali shakkar aur doodh waali! Kadak aur meetha Jaisay aap aur hum!

"Tho my banaa detha hun!"He groped in the darkness and cursed as his foot got hurt somewhere and he finally produced a cup and said," Bolo! Ab kya kariengay!"
Let the game begin!

"Kya kariengay?Humsay pooch rahein hain?Khushi asked him surprised! 
Men did not give options!
Kabaddi khelengay! Aur nahi tho kya!

Yeh kya sawaal hain! Khushi panicked!
Jawaab hum dengay iska!Karaara!

"Arey! I am asking you! What do you want to do" Arnav found it very awkward to ask as he usually decided the course and this was a first!

"Hum aap kay sath kutch karna nahi chaahthey hain! Bus! Aap kay deal kay anusaar try kariengay! Aur kutch nahi" Khushi said calmly!
( I don't want to do anything with you! Just want to do according to your deal! Nothing else)
What was this now! Arnav went into his thoughts!

"Accha ek kam kariengay!Abhinav ji aap humay pehlay kahani sunayiye! Aapka selection bhi tho baaqi hain !"Khushi said!
( ok! We shall do one thing! You tell em that story so that your selection process is finished)

Arnav was surprised!
She really meant it? Oh GOD!!! 
Arnav Singh Raizada was to go in for a selection scheme?
Whats the cut off babe!

"My ???? Kahani?" He almost croaked!
"Kyun aap kyun nahi?"She asked him!

"Kyun" He did not have an answer!
Kyun ki my khud kahani bana hua hun! Kya bolun!
Mujhey bolna nahi kahani banna aatha hain!

"Kyun ki..." He tried again failed and said "Accha... Kaunsi bolun!!"
"Koi bhi!" Khushi said!
Raja rani ko chod kay! Woh hum banengay!

"Hum mardonko kahani bolna nahi aatha hain Krishna!" He said!
( We men do not know how to narrate stories)
Bus kahaaniyaan banaana aatha hain Aap aurathon say bachnay kay liye!

"Kyun nahi? Humaarey babuji ithna accha sunaathein hain!" She said!
( Why not my father does and so evry well at that)
Badhiya! Ek dum jhakaas!

"Ohho! What do I say! He groaned! Can't there be any other selection proedure?Arnav asked!
You fool ASR!

"Bus? Try bhi nahi karogay?" Khushi's voice made his BP shoot up!
( Won't you even try?)
Ithna aasan nahi har kam karna bacchu!

"Ok! There was a man! He started a shop! He got loss! He sold his property and pledged it!... Arnav could not go further as she howled at him in the dark!

"OOOOOOOOOOO....Shri maan!Panchnaama padh rahe ho ya kahani batha rahey ho!"Khushi yelled at him!
( Are you doing an autopsy report or narrating a story?)
Yuk! Maa ka maheenay bhar ka jama khatha iss say interesting hain!

"Mujhey aisa hi aatha hain!"Arnav yelled at her!Kay karun?"
( I can only be loke this! what do I do?)

I can't express!
"Kyun nahi! Koshish keejiyega!" Khushi said softly!
Koshish humesha kamyaab hotha hain!

"Ok! There was a king!" Arnav started again as sweat beaded on his forehead n an ac room!!
I am sweating Man! For this slip of a girla nd for thsi &^%$$^@^ story session!
"Ok!" Khushi rubbed her hands in glee!

"He looses his kingdom! He always was busy amassing wealth and never bothered for anything else but providing for his wife and kids...
Serves him right! All kings are #$%@^@!

"Kya? phir wahee?" Khushi wailed!
( again the same thing)
Yeh khonay kay alaava koi aur kahani nahi hain babu?

"...And so his queen and children desert him!" Arnav was saying what came to his mind!
They are all opportunists! Everyone of them! Everyone is!!!! World is after money and fame!

"Chi! Yeh kaisa Raja hain!"Khushi scrunched her nose!
Keeday padey uskay raj mein!

"Raja ko kutch math bolo! Rani aur woh chuchunder bacchon ko dekho" Arnav bellowed!
( Don't say a word about the king! Look at his wife and those opportunist kids of his)
Mean company! Huh!

"Kyun Agar uskay biwi bacchey theek nahi hain tho aapnay socha usnay kya kiya hoga jo woh aisa hogaya?" Khushi asked!
( Did you ever think what made his wife and children that way?)
Ghonchu kaheen ka! Paakhandi!

"Jab paisay they tho ainth rahey they na?" Arnav yelled at her incensed!
"Khabardaar Raja ko kutch kahaa tho!" He almost fell on her in his anger!
( When there was money they were psyphoning it off isn't it? Don't you dare say anything about the king)
Yuk people! Parasites eating out of his fortune and everyone of them is mean! The world is fine!

"Aap humaarey uper kyun chilla rahein hain?" Khushi got up with her hands on her waist!
( Why are you shouting at me?)
"Kyun ki meri aadath hain!" Arnav yelled at her shaking her!
( Coz its a habit with me) be continued!